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Don’t Let Environmental Issues Catch You off Guard

Get Ahead of Environmental Risks With Our Environmental Due Diligence Services

Environmental due diligence is an important step in protecting your property and minimizing risks. At McKee Environmental, we offer EDD services that help you assess potential environmental risks and ensure compliance.

Top-Notch Environmental Due Diligence Services in Bellefonte, PA, and Nearby Areas

When you’re looking for environmental due diligence services in Bellefonte, PA, or nearby areas, McKee Environmental is the company to choose. With over three decades of industry experience, we can provide you with the environmental due diligence assessment services that you need to determine if there are any issues that could impact your home or business. This will help you make an informed decision about your property and will also help you minimize your risk of exposure to any possible environmental issues.

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Why Is It Essential to Get Environmental Due Diligence Services?

Environmental due diligence is critical when it comes to assessing potential environmental risks and liabilities associated with a property or business transaction. It involves conducting site assessments, reviewing historical records, and identifying potential environmental liabilities. This process is performed in two phases, known as environmental due diligence phases 1 and 2. In the first phase, a preliminary assessment is conducted to identify potential environmental risks and liabilities associated with the property or business. This phase involves a review of relevant records and a site inspection.

During the second phase, a more detailed investigation is conducted to assess the nature and extent of the environmental risks identified in phase 1. This may include soil and groundwater testing, sampling and analysis, and the identification of potential remediation strategies. By getting our environmental due diligence services, you can identify and assess potential environmental risks and liabilities before they become costly problems.

Don’t let environmental issues hinder your business decision-making. McKee Environmental is ready to provide you with the environmental due diligence services you need to move forward with confidence. Our services are available to clients in Bellefonte, PA, and nearby areas. Contact us today to learn more.

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